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Creation of a trusted and safe metaverse – Veydar is a standalone financial metaverse ecosystem. The inspiration behind the concept lies very much in the challenge to broader adoption, the problem simply is that the metaverse is currently not a safe place to live and engage in commerce, not forgetting some functional challenges such as interoperability. The sad truth is there are a small group of predators to which the current system finds challenging to filter and then police, regulators understandably have a concern for market participants and clients up to the end client, which is the everyday person (retail consumer). The socio-economic drivers bundled with functional challenges are the driver behind Veydar and why we believe the concept is the future to success and survival in the new digital world.
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Our Team

Anwar Newaz (CEO)

A compliance practitioner who has influenced regulation with trade bodies. An industry panellist who aims to make the future safer for commerce and his family.


What is Crypto?

You can get Crypto by accepting it as a payment for goods & services. There are several other ways to buy Crypto.

Digital Money

Enabling cash or crypto conversion as a means of payment for goods and services

Safe Transaction

Veydar wallets are vetted and doxxed, our community is right for you


Offset carbon footprint, opportunities include reducing travel.

Fully Decentralized

Rules, conduct, equity and ethics are omni-present via our AI engine

Almost Free

Yes, to sign up and start visiting our community

Veydar Wallet

Gold standard, not everyone shall or can have a Veydar wallet…

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