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Anwar Newaz (CEO)

A compliance practitioner who has influenced regulation with trade bodies. An industry panelist who aims to make the future safer for commerce and his family.


Getting started with Veydar

Protect yourself from losing money in crypto operations. During our courses, you can discover the secrets of buying and selling currency to minimize investment risks.
  • Get in touch with us for an introduction, we’re self-professed nice folks…
  • Veydar tokens are expected to be interoperable on exchange determination.
  • At the heart of things, think for the greater good, do for the greater good and aspire to bring joy and happiness to all our wallet holders.

Introduction to Veydar

Veydar is an independent metaverse which is purposely intended to build its complex rules enabling various levels of engagement. The eco-system enables independent blockchains and financial players to meet in the same place knowing there is an elevated level of robust, trusting compliance framework that they are happy with and more importantly, it is enforced. This policing of experiences and transactional activities is enabled via the Veydar wallet in which fiat and non-fiat currencies can both be exchanged.

What is Web 3.

Every individual or institution will have to have a presence in web.3 at some point, just like in the early days of the internet whereby every company had to get a domain name and website – in this same way, every financial participant will need a presence on the metaverse as the web is upgraded from Web2 to Web3. Simply put, web.3 can be seen as an extension from that journey of having a website, a natural evolution and just as much as a significant revolutionary step, notably did everyone believe in the world wide web back then!


Safe experiences and functional activities increased with a sustainable lens for a more digital minded future audience. By enabling interoperability and safe passage in a metaverse with differing policy zones for varying entities, the Veydar offering provides its citizens to reap the benefits of web.3 and all the future benefits knowing all that time they are both safe and secure.

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